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Flu Vaccines 2015

Fluvax is now available in many chemists ahead of the release of the Government Funded vaccines. This vaccine contains the same strains as the free vaccines available to over 65s. Chief Clinical Officer Dr John Houston discusses further.


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This activity examines pain management plans in terms of functionally improving a patient’s pain levels. It examines the classification of pharmacological treatments for neuropathic pain, while the roles of pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments of chronic pain are also described.

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Team ..... Since joining Primary, I've been looking for ways to connect with you. I'm including a link to a short introductory message and I will be looking for other ways for us to communicate regularly and stay in touch.

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Mother attends with 4 week old baby boy. This is a new baby to centre. There are no discharge summaries from the hospital and Mum has forgotten her blue book with all the delivery details. She says her baby wont stop crying and its vomiting.